4 Reasons to Study in the US

Within the past decade, there has been a surge of international students attending universities in the United States. Almost half of the international student population in the US in 2018 was made up of students from China, India, and South Korea. It’s not surprising that more and more international students want to study and work in the US, given the benefits it offers, such as quality education, academic flexibility and career opportunities.


1. Quality Education


Housing 16 of the top 25 ranked universities in the world, the US is home to some of the finest universities, including Harvard, Princeton and Yale, which have become household names all over the world. Even if you don’t attend one of these top universities, there are still many benefits to studying in the US, including academic flexibility, which may not be offered in your home country.


2. Academic Flexibility


At American universities, you can choose your own major and classes that match your interests. You can even switch majors throughout your college career, or pick up a second major or minor. In countries such as China and South Korea, it is difficult for students to switch their majors after starting college, and there is little room for flexibility. For students from these countries, studying in the US may be a particularly attractive option.




3. Diversity


Almost every American university lists diversity as one of their core values. Classrooms are filled with people of different ethnicities, nationalities and religions, and being part of such a diverse student body will makes studying in the US an enriching experience. Working with a diverse range of people also helps to enhance your communication skills and your understanding of different cultures.


4. Career Opportunities in the US


With US companies holding 54 of the 100 spots in CEO World’s Top 100 Best Performing Companies in the World (Miller, 2019), the US offers many excellent career opportunities. Holding an international degree from a US university opens up a wide range of career paths, so you’ll have plenty of job avenues to explore.


How to Get There? 


In order to be considered to study at a US university, whether living within the US or coming from abroad, you will need to ensure your English language skills are up to scratch. With 18 English schools across North America, it’s easy to study with Kaplan and perfect your English. Most of our destinations offer exam preparation courses to prepare you to take a TOEFL (which you’ll need to prove your English skills for university) or a GRE or GMAT to study a MBA or master’s program.


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