Share the Adventure: Make friends whilst studying English

Are you thinking about studying English abroad? Whether you want study in buzzy New York or quirky Portland, or you'd rather head to the UK and take in the charm of Oxford and Cambridge, we can ensure your experience will be filled with making friends and meeting new people. 

Meet some of our previous students who decided to study abroad for all types of reasons. Some needed it to further their career, others were taking university courses in English and others to help them travel and communicate while abroad. Many felt unsure about what to expect when they arrived, but all of them found friends quickly and easily. 



Jin Jeon, Korean, studied in Dublin


“I felt awkward to be friends with foreigners when I first came here and I thought they were different people who lived in another world. However, they have become my best friends as we have traveled, had parties and been to pubs together. We contact each other even more than my friends in Korea. We often say that a friend is an asset in Korea. They are a big gift for me as I have made friends around the world who are willing to help me whenever I have any worries or problems.”


Brunella, Italian, studied in Covent Garden


"I was recommended Kaplan and only heard good things. My favourite part of my Kaplan experience was meeting students and making friends. I have met very nice people who have helped me with everything. My advice to new students is to enjoy the experience, open your horizons and be yourself."



Cristian, Colombian, studied in Edinburgh


"I’ve had an unforgettable experience getting to know so many cultures and improving my English. I’ve made friends from Thailand, Spain, Italy, China, Oman, Switzerland and Germany. Making so many friends from around the world has allowed me to practice my English."



Omar, Italian, studied in Covent Garden


"My experience was amazing. I have had one of the best periods of my life. I think that Kaplan is not just a school where you can learn English. If you go there, you have the possibility to meet a lot of interesting and kind people, which creates a family where cultural exchange is on the agenda. I still kept in touch with my friends from Kaplan. If you do one thing, go to Kaplan!"


Preeda, Thai, studied in Torquay


"I was worried when I started, I wasn’t sure about the host family, school and making friends. But everything changed the first day at school. I wasn’t able to talk much because I was a new student but after 3 or 4 days I had a whole group of friends and I’m really happy. I love doing activities with friends, we’ve traveled to other cities, explored a new world, had BBQs on the beach and played volleyball and ping-pong. Prepare yourself, be open minded and get ready to learn new things. It’s like an adventure into a different world."


Do you want to share the adventure with a friend? Study together and save when booking. 


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