Where are you Spending the Festive Season?

Take a look at where our Kaplan students are spending their Christmas this year. Here are some of our most festive destinations – think lights, snow and a magical atmosphere! 




Christmas in Dublin

Image by Leticia (@leticiaqueirooz)

Our school is set in the heart of Temple Bar, one of the most vibrant parts of the city. Meet friendly locals, explore the rolling hills of Ireland and soak up the history that Dublin offers.

Study English in our Dublin school




Christmas in Bournemouth

Image by Marta (@martarave)

Bournemouth features spectacular sea views where you can even see the Isle of Wight. Students studying here have the opportunity to visit Corfu Castle and bike around the city.

Study English in our Bournemouth school 




Christmas in Toronto

Image by Aynur (@aynurkss)

Soak up the buzz of a big city, enjoy world-class museums, restaurants and nightclubs. Explore Toronto Islands, Niagara Falls or other Canadian and US cities while studying in Toronto. 

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Christmas in Vancouver


Vancouver offers evergreen rainforests, snowcapped mountains and spectacular sea views – it's completely surrounded by nature. Head to Grouse Mountain to hit the snowy slopes over winter. 

Study English in our Vancouver school 




Christmas in Chicago


Set on the shores of Lake Michigan, it's a real multicultural mix of people. Enjoy unique music, art and food that reflects all the diversity of Chicago. 

Study English in our Chicago school 




Christmas in Philadelphia


Affectionately known as 'Philly', this is a city full of history, where students can learn about the founding fathers of the USA. Ensure to make time to run up the infamous steps, just like the boxing legend of Rocky Balboa. 

Study English in our school in Philadelphia 


New York 


Christmas in New York

Image by Mari (@mari.12.mari)

Located moments from the iconic Central Park, our school boasts beautiful views and it's only moments from everything the exciting city of New York has to offer. Enjoy more than 150 theaters, 30 concert halls and 80 world-class museums. 

Study in our brand new New York Central Park school 


San Fransisco 


Christmas in San Fransisco

Image by Sunjae (@_s__ze)

Our school is located in the Union Square area, steps away from the Museum of Modern Art. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge and awe at the spectacular views. Students can enjoy trips to Napa Valley and Yosemite National Park. 

Study English in our San Fransisco school 


Where will you be heading to in 2020? Why not study languages with Kaplan and pick one of over 40 destinations around the world.

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