Why it’s More Fun to Study Abroad Together

There are many things in life that are better shared with friends. A meal, a film, going to the beach, shopping or just hanging out. Travelling with a friend can be amazing too, but have you ever considered studying abroad together? Picking up or improving your language skills while abroad is a huge achievement, so just imagine how much more fun, exciting and fulfilling that can be if you decide to do it with a friend!


Here are four reasons why you should get your friend to join in on an amazing study-abroad experience.


1. Share the Adventure


When you first land in a new destination, seeing iconic buildings or monuments can feel surreal experienced in real life, so imagine how exciting it is to share those moments with a friend. The first time you spot the New York skyline or walk down Hollywood Boulevard. Don’t forget the photo opportunities too, you’ll always have someone with you who wants to capture you in a beautiful setting. And this shouldn’t stop you from making friends with other international students. The experience at Kaplan is specially designed to ensure students feel welcome and part of a family, providing many opportunities to interact with each other and learn about different cultures.


2. Keep Each Other Motivated


There are lots of pro’s to studying with a friend, chances are you might even develop more if you’re with a friend than if you decided to study on your own.


You’re more likely to feel comfortable practising with a friend, in case you get words or pronunciation very wrong (not that you should ever feel embarrassed about this). It provides a great way to feel encouraged so when you’re ready to order your first coffee from a native speaker you’ll be that extra bit confident.


There will naturally be times when you feel challenged and having a close friend nearby can help keep you motivated and remind you of your goals. In some cases being able to have a heart-to-heart in your native language can also make you feel better and refreshed to keep going.




3. Look After Each Other


Having a friend who you feel safe and happy with can help when going abroad. If you’ve never traveled alone then its normal to feel a mix of emotions, ranging from excited to nerves! If you’re going to be facing the unknown with a familiar face, you’ll feel less nervous and may even make you feel more confident. And in those moments you might feel a bit homesick, it will be nice to have a close companion near.


When you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone, friends can offer a feeling of having extra security, which may also make you empathetic to those that have traveled alone. Be sure to offer support and befriend other students so you can all enjoy the ups and downs together.


4. Save and Do It Together


Not only can you save up to 25% off your tuition fee by traveling with a friend but you can also save on other costs too. If you decide to stay in a residence, not only will you feel independent living together in a foreign destination, but you can share the cost of your daily shopping bill. Share basic toiletries and take turns preparing meals for each other. All those little savings can be used to venture out, see a film, go shopping or splash out to see a play on Broadway.


It is really is a no-brainer, who wouldn’t want to save money, spend loads of time with their bestie, learn a new language and share the exciting adventure. And who knows, when you’re back from learning a language with Kaplan, you may just need to plan a new trip with your friend… to visit all your other international friends.

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