Why London is the best city for students

It’s no secret that London is one of the most desirable study destinations in the world. With just under 8 million residents and an assortment of restaurants, parks and attractions within walking distance, it’s no wonder students flock to the cosmopolitan city to study.  



Interesting attractions and experiences  

We all try to tick the typical tourist sights off our bucket list when visiting a new destination. Though London has its fair share of tourist attractions, it holds no boundaries and visitors will find every type of experience and attraction possible.  With ‘dine in the dark’ restaurant experiences, ghost tours, and a bakery offering bus tours of the city over an afternoon tea, you can reward yourself with a unique experience after a full week of studying.  


Never a dull moment  

There’s always something going on. Just a simple search online will filter through various networking events, comedy nights and shows running that particular day. Accidentally taking a wrong turn in central London could lead you down a quaint street full of charm, a street performance, or an open-air art exhibition. These events are usually free, giving you the perfect excuse to get lost in the city. 




Plenty of opportunity to escape 

Like every capital, London is well-connected. It's extremely convenient to travel both in and outside the city, and companies usually offer transport discounts to students too. Victoria Coach Station is a transport hub for national coaches traveling out to other cities and towns across the UK, and St Pancras International train station links London to Paris by the Eurostar in under three hours. If you travel during off-peak times, you can benefit from cheaper tickets.


Everything you ever need in one place 

If you prefer to stay in London, you don't have to venture out of the city if you don’t want to. There's so much to take in by simply walking down the streets and exploring the section of London you call home. As everything is so well connected and within walking distance, you can easily organize your day. Even if caught in bad weather, it’s easy to escape the rain by hopping into in one of the many cafés lined along each street. Or if you want to take a break from the busy streets and crowds, you can rest in one of London’s many parks. 


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